New Hideo Kojima game. With Norman Reedus. Without Snakes.

Creator all of Metal Gear series Hideo Kojima announced his new new studio’s debut game. Death Stranding. Main hero in this trailer played by Norman Reedus – The Walking Dead actor. Who was set to play a role in the canceled Silent Hills project. A nude man on a beach surrounded by sea creatures. A crying baby lies beside him.

Lets see, can Kojima make a game thats good and doesn’t have Metal Gear Solid in the title.

 Platform and release date details for Death Stranding were not revealed. But Kojima Productions and Sony officially announced a partnership last year. PS4?

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Kratos is back!

New god of war announced. Kratos and his beard.

New God of War

At E3 2016 Sony officially announced a new God of War, developed by Sony Santa Monica. According to video, the game takes inspiration from Norse mythology. Kratos teaching his son how to hunt, use weapons. Like “God of Babysitting”. And then video continues with the brutal combat in a well-known “god-of-war-style”.

Maybe after killing all the greek gods, Kratos gonna kill Odin, Thor and Loki and all the Norse gods. This is awesome. We have so many questions. We want more information!

Donald Trump in Civilization V

In this mod, you can play as Donald Trump. Supreme dictator of the United States of America and CEO of the Trump Organization. Really.


And you can build The Great Wall of America. +15 Happiness, -4 Culture. Keep the immigrants out.


Also Trump has unique city names, spy names, music, dialog, and art. Make America Great Again. Or not?

Sony patents a glove controller for virtual reality

Company filled patents for a controller, that would track individual finger positioning. And send data back to the headset display in real time.

It’s remind me about old controller Power Glove for Nintendo Entertaiment System. It was originally released in 1989.


This device was shown in the Nintendo-produced film The Wizard. Power glove has great advertising company, but only TWO games were made for it. So controller was criticized for its imprecise and difficult-to-use controls. 100,000 units of the Power Glove were sold in the United States. But this controller become a critical and commercial failure.

Hope, that Sony will be more successful. Maybe game about how to become a cat and other VR projects will help in this.


Dark Souls goes on mobile.

Here’s the video.

This mobile spinoff titled Slashy Souls. New game available for iOS and Android devices. Publiser of Dark Souls Bandai Namco announced, that Slashy Souls is inspired by Dark Souls. But it’s not developed by From Software.

You know, Souls fans likes combat depth, exploration, difficult and complex gameplay.  And it’s an endless runner game. What a shame. Who want’s to play it???


Leonardo DiCaprio fight with Lady Gaga and other celebrities for Oscar in this arcade game

Made by The Line Animation an arcade-style scrolling game that lets you control a Leonardo DiCaprio on his race down the red carpet in pursuit of Oscar.

Along the way, you’ll can catch Emmys, BAFTAs, Golden Globes, avoid the paparazzi, other Oscar nominees, and Lady Gaga. It even includes bonus rounds, where you have to crawl Leo to his car before time runs out, write an speech, ACT HARDER and picking out the black person in a sea of white faces.

What are you waiting for? Play it HERE.

This fake Windows 93 really good!

You can open it from your brouser here. It looks like really OS, with games, programs, viruses and other fun stuff. Created by Jankenpopp and Zombectro.

1All this icons working. You can draw pictures, browse Internet, play games or create some music.

2A little reference to the Legend of Zelda

3Viruses attack my computer

4Yes, this is an browser version of the Wolfenstein 3D.  Working.